How Marital Mediation Can Help Save Your Marriage How Marital Mediation Can Help Save Your Marriage How Marital Mediation Can Help Save Your Marriage Michele Hart Law

Date: October 7, 2019 | Author: Michele Hart

It’s not uncommon for couples to struggle in bad marriages, often for many years.  In such instances, while the marriage might not be good or even healthy, it’s not quite bad enough for divorce.

Some couples consider getting help with marriage counseling.  What many don’t know, however, is there’s an alternative that can save your marriage.

It’s called marital mediation, where couples work together with a trained mediator.  The mediator uses proven conflict resolution techniques to identify sources of conflict and open up and improve communication.  As a result, couples learn to use new techniques to identify and productively address conflict in their own marriage.

How Marital Mediation Can Help You

Very often, lack of communication or poor communication is the root cause of why marriages break up. Fortunately, these skills essential for successful marriages can be taught and learned.  Marital mediation helps couples understand the source of conflict and to see a positive future for the marriage.

Other times, problems arise in a marriage as the result of difficult events, such as job loss, serious illness, or infidelity.  Marital mediation can help spouses work together as a team with greater understanding.

Divorce mediation uses many of the same conflict resolution strategies as marital mediation.  Ironically, spouses in divorce mediation will often comment that if they knew what they learned about conflict resolution in their divorce mediation while they were married, they might not have divorced.

How Does Marital Mediation Differ from Marriage Counseling?

Marriage counseling is practiced by a mental health professional who uses therapeutic analysis and insights.   In contrast, marital mediation is conducted by a mediator and uses conflict resolution techniques rather than therapeutic techniques.

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