Turn Confrontation into Cooperation

We provide proven techniques that foster artful persuasion. By turning confrontational dialogue into one that’s cooperative, we are able to more quickly and amicably to reach a favorable settlement. Our specialized tips and techniques show you how to manage the conversation to facilitate a favorable outcome, manage emotionally charged conversations, and detach yourself emotionally from the divorce process to gain new perspectives. These communication skills allow our clients to free themselves from emotionally draining and unproductive conflict in favor of an inspiring future for their children and themselves.

Experienced and committed to meaningful change

Michele Hart has over 30 years of legal experience and was selected for the recognized honor of Law Review for academic excellence.  Michele has personally experienced the pain and loss that comes with ending a long-term relationship, even when abuse was involved.  She opened her own practice so she could develop closer personal connection with each client and make a meaningful impact on their lives. She is passionately dedicated to advocating for every client and arming them with resources and knowledge to design the post-divorce future that they and their children deserve.

Opening up new opportunities for solutions

We persistently think “outside the box.” Together we recognize creative and effective solutions specifically designed for your circumstances and needs. Through this process, you will begin to think differently and discover new opportunities that will pave a future you never thought possible.