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It’s not uncommon to think your divorce should be simple and there’s no need to get lawyers involved.

Without a competent family lawyer, however, it’s easy to overlook key provisions for your children and what New Jersey law provides for alimony and distribution of certain types of assets.

A bad divorce judgment is extremely hard to undo.

And it’s far more expensive to pay an attorney to try and fix a bad divorce judgment after the fact.

There can also be a big unknown about what will happen to your children, your money, and the assets that you’ve worked so hard to build.

Your first step is to talk to us.  We’ll set up a confidential, in-person meeting where we can sit down and talk about what happens next.

We’ll discuss your situation, your family, and the things that matter most to you.

We talk about your needs and goals and you will learn how to maximize the chances of reaching an amicable divorce agreement to save you time, money, and additional conflict.

We’ll design a customized strategy to go about settling your divorce amicably to avoid a costly and acrimonious divorce court process.

You’ll leave with a game plan and a clear idea of how to move forward with your life.

Divorce Settlements

In New Jersey, the overwhelming majority of divorce cases are settled by mutual agreement.  In this case, both spouses enter into and sign a written contract that covers custody, child support, alimony, and division of assets and debts.

The court grants a Judgment of Divorce and is literally attached to the agreement which becomes binding as a court order.

We create and negotiate customized agreements with financial and tax ramifications in mind.

The costs of reaching an agreement with your spouse out of court are likely to be a fraction of what they’d likely be if a Court were to decide the issues for you.

Divorce Litigation

If your spouse hires a lawyer who insists on going right to court, you will receive skilled and fully dedicated legal representation and every moment will be dedicated to resolving the issues in the most cost effective way and in line with what you ultimately want to achieve.

Unfortunately, many lawyers don’t tell their clients what happens if their case goes to trial and encourage clients to become further entrenched in the “rightness” of their positions.  As a result, many divorcing spouses are falsely led to believe they will somehow be vindicated if a judge hears their “side.”

Providing Peace of Mind

Divorce is scary and can make you feel like your life is falling apart. We’re here to take you through the process with peace of mind.

The approach we offer is intended to reduce conflict in a way that is cost-effective because we focus on creating lasting results that are designed to meet your most important needs, interests, and goals.

Therefore, you are likely to learn new things about yourself and feel more connected to what matters most to you. This will lead to a greater sense of control and peace of mind.

While divorce is about dissolving the “business” of marriage, it’s not all business.  We need to address the emotional aspects of the divorce process, as well as the legal and financial aspects, to create lasting solutions.

The Cost of Divorce

Worried about legal fees? Don’t be.

With our straightforward and transparent approach to fees, you’ll know precisely what we charge and exactly what you’ll get for your money.

If you’re ready to get started, call us now at (973) 292-9090.