Most divorce and family law cases start with litigation, that is, where lawyers immediately start preparing your case for trial.

The reality is, however, only about 1% of all divorce cases filed in New Jersey actually go to trial.

So why should you spend significant time, money and emotional energy preparing for a trial – especially when you have children who can often wind up in the cross-fire?

Instead, what if you had a family lawyer skilled in resolving disputes through negotiation and explored settlement options much earlier?

Settlement Counsel is hired specifically to strategize and negotiate resolution of a dispute as opposed to preparing for trial.

Settlement counsel are well-versed in the law and family litigation process.  Particular expertise, however, is in resolving conflict without court intervention whenever and wherever possible to save you money, time, and stress.  Settlement counsel is a legal problem solver.


Settlement Counsel During Mediation

 If you are involved in divorce and family mediation, it’s important to consult with a lawyer so you can make informed decisions in mediation.

Mediators cannot give you legal advice.  So when you have questions about your legal rights and how to achieve the best result in mediation, settlement counsel can serve as your personal advocate and advisor.


Settlement Counsel in Divorce & Family Litigation

 The job of settlement counsel is to resolve the dispute as early as possible with the best possible terms for you.

Trial attorneys are focused on preparing for trial.  Unfortunately, in divorce and family matters, settlement efforts are often shifted to lower priority when strict court deadlines take precedence.

Use of settlement counsel will ensure that attention will be focused to reach settlement at every opportunity.  As a result, you can reach settlement much more quickly saving you time, money, and stress.

Other benefits of Settlement Counsel include:

  • preservation of key co-parenting relationships for the future for the benefit of your children;
  • Saving money, time and stress; and
  • Maintaining confidentiality as opposed to publicly available court documents.

Hart Divorce & Family Law is one of few New Jersey law firms offering settlement counsel services to family law clients.

As Settlement Counsel, I take a ‘big picture” and problem-solving approach.  Your legal rights are important, but so are your other needs and interests, which we also consider.

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