Michele Hart
Divorce and Family Lawyer

When it comes to your family and hard-earned assets, you don’t want to take chances.

We see to it that your interests are protected when it comes to important issues you might not have considered.  These can include provisions for your children, accurate child support, both present and future, and college expenses.

Divorce and family agreements can be reached more quickly and fairly when certain issues are resolved by looking to New Jersey law.  These issues can include amounts and duration of alimony and how certain types of assets are distributed, such as retirement plans, premarital assets, inheritances, businesses, and lawsuit settlement proceeds.

I have practiced law for over 25 years.  Family law is all I do.  I am also trained as a divorce and family mediator and collaborative divorce attorney.

Michele Hart Morris County Divorce and Family Lawyer

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

Michele Hart made a stressful and difficult situation smoother than I could have ever imagined and helped me successfully handle the divorce with my now ex husband. Michelle is extremely professional and is strongly organized. Although her priority is to get the job done, she remained compassionate and always kept my feelings wants and needs in mind. I will forever be thankful for her service and highly recommend Michelle if looking for a divorce attorney.

– C. Broady

Michele is a dedicated professional who went beyond what was necessary to facilitate a very unpleasant divorce between myself and my ex husband. She was available at all times, quick to reply to my questions, and did not cancel court appearances or delay proceedings. I recommend her highly.

-K. Meyer

Michele is a very passionate Lawyer , who only looks out for your best interest. She always goes above and beyond to find a solution to every situation the arises. If your looking for a lawyer that will fight for your rights and always has your back its Michele Hart.

-C. Taylor

“I met Michele Hart 18 years ago, when I was going through a rough patch in my marriage. I held onto her business card for all those years, tucked away under my jewelry box. The marriage staggered along, until it reached the point if no return. I pulled out Michele’s card, and called her. The divorce proceedings began promptly. I could never imagine having any other lawyer by my side during the most difficult time in my life. Her professionalism and compassion made the process seem less daunting. I would highly recommend Michele Hart as an attorney. Let’s face it, divorce can be devastating, but with Michele Hart in your corner, this process will be handled with trust and ease.”

-D. Turner

“Michele Hart successfully handled my marital settlement agreement and child support case. She has a very calm demeanor in and out of the courtroom. Michele has an exceptionally strong eye for detail and a strong sense of organization. She is an extremely talented attorney who cares a great deal about her clients and her firm. I have been divorced for over a year now and we still remain friends. She takes great pride in her work.”


“I was going through a very difficult time in my life and Michele and her office held my hand and walked me through I will never forget what and how she treated me. Thanks.”

-S. Roberson

“My experience with Michele made a very stressful situation go above and beyond my expectations. She was extremely knowledgeable and clear on all aspects of the procedures to be done. She was always there for me when and if I had any questions. (which unfortunately was quite often) She was very timely on our appointments. She was truly a Professional.”


“Michele stepped in while I was in the midst of trying to deal with my ex’s attorney by myself and it was clear that it was not going to work out well for me. From our first meeting to the court date, everything went so smoothly and I know it was because of her. Michele is knowledgeable, professional and prompt but at the same time, compassionate. It’s clear that she truly cares about her work and her clients. I couldn’t have asked for a better divorce attorney.”


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