Our unique approach to divorce is built on the premise that you have more control than you think. It is proven to minimize conflict and settle critical decisions including asset allocation, custody, child support, alimony and more. 100% of our cases are settled out of court.
We see to it that you are better off emotionally, financially, and legally protected for the future and able to avoid conflict down the road.

That’s why our approach for you can include:

1. Turning Confrontation Into Cooperation.

Divorce is a highly emotional process. We’ll show you proven tools and techniques to transform a negative, emotionally driven pattern of communication into one of cooperation.

By turning confrontational dialogue into one that’s cooperative, we are able to more quickly and amicably to reach a favorable settlement.

Our specialized tips and techniques show you how to manage the conversation to facilitate a favorable outcome, manage emotionally charged conversations, and detach yourself emotionally from the divorce process to gain new perspectives.

These communication skills allow our clients to free themselves from emotionally draining and unproductive conflict in favor of an inspiring future for their children and themselves.

The payoff is not only to you, but especially for your children. You’re far more likely to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship in the years to come.

2. Promoting Financial Peace Of Mind.

You will have the right tools to empower you to plan a future supported by financial stability. We then develop a settlement plan uniquely customized to your particular financial needs and goals now and in the future.

Ultimately, you will come away with realistic and viable options for settling all financial issues based on the law and taking into account the financial and tax ramifications that apply to divorce agreements.

3. Clearly Defined Legal Rights And Responsibilities.

We evaluate your settlement options taking into account relevant legal principles. We strategize negotiations on your behalf to maximize a successful outcome. Your divorce agreement will ultimately define each spouse’s legal rights and responsibilities and be designed to keep you out of court in the future by identifying how any future conflicts will be resolved.