Mediation and coaching will often result in lasting resolution of longstanding disputes.

Mediation is a cost-effective alternative to litigation that enables you to negotiate more openly in a confidential and settlement focused environment.  The mediator can facilitate an agreement designed to achieve what is most important to each of you.

The mediator can facilitate a win-win resolution by enlisting a variety of tools uniquely designed to neutralize and resolve conflict.

We work with all parties in mediation and coaching to resolve conflict on your own.

When you work with me, you can discover the root of the problem and opportunities you might not have considered.  You will come away equipped with proven techniques and strategies to move beyond conflict and move forward in the relationship, which can be used when communicating with anyone.

Individuals and Families

All interpersonal relationships involve conflict.  Unfortunately, in many situations, relationship conflicts either don’t resolve, leading to a deepening divide between each person.

But conflict can be a constructive opportunity for growth for each person and the relationship.

With relationship mediation and coaching, you can turn around a dispute in a way that deepens the relationship.

Marital Mediation

Marital Mediation is for couples experiencing marital difficulties and would prefer to stay married rather than divorce.

Marital Mediation is where couples work together with a trained mediator.  The mediator uses proven dispute resolution techniques to define and promote understanding of the source of conflicts and open and improve communication.

Marital & Family Mediation is a constructive way to resolve issues that come up over and over and to teach parents, couples, grandparents, and other family members to resolve conflict.

Significantly, Marital & Family Mediation teaches long term conflict resolution skills applicable to any conflict, in any situation, at any point in time.

Family Mediation

Emotions often run high in families. And family dynamics often play a key role in how family members relate to one another.  Family mediation can help to can bring loved ones together rather than tear them further apart.