Three Simple Ways for Separated or Divorced Parents to Save Big on College Costs

Importantly, divorced parents in New Jersey have a legal obligation to contribute to college costs and expenses for their children. By the same token, decisions about where your child will attend college requires planning and discussion.  Particularly if your child is in high school, you don’t want to find yourself scrambling during the final negotiations of […]

How Do You Reach an Out-of-Court Divorce Settlement in New Jersey?

Many couples seeking divorce in New Jersey don’t know that while only a Court can legally dissolve a marriage, you don’t need the Court to make critical decisions including asset allocation, custody, child support, alimony and more.  You have more control than you think.  You have the power to design your post-divorce life by reaching a divorce […]

What You Absolutely Need To Know About Legal Separation In New Jersey

It’s not uncommon for many couples to decide to live separately rather than get divorced, even when one or both have come to the conclusion that the marriage is broken beyond repair.  You might not actually want to divorce for any number of reasons, although, in my experience, it all boils down to fear.  In […]

How to Determine Alimony in New Jersey Divorce

You might be considering divorce yet concerned that you may have to pay alimony to your spouse.  Common questions might include how do I know if I’ll have to pay alimony?  How is alimony calculated?  How long would I have to pay? When spouses are unable to agree on payment of alimony, they can have […]

Divorcing During The Holidays: 4 Opportunities Most Divorcing Parents Don’t Know About

If you’re going through divorce, it can be easy to dread the holidays and focus on what you might have lost.  You may be tempted to ignore the holidays altogether, especially if your children won’t be with you during the holidays. But you have other choices.  For starters, you can refuse to allow your view […]

Sharing the Holidays With Your Children When You’ve Decided to Divorce Your Spouse

You might have come to realize that you and your spouse are more like roommates then husband-and-wife. You might have even discussed divorce. It can be difficult to pretend to be a happy family during the holiday season, especially when you might be spending time with extended family and in-laws.  It’s likely that your children […]

Tax Reform Bill Passed By US House Eliminates Tax Deduction For Alimony

For those who are currently paying alimony or have a potential alimony obligation in a pending divorce action, the tax reform bill recently approved by the U.S. House of Representatives would eliminate the tax deduction for alimony. Alimony payments are presently deductible by the payor and typically result in a reduction of the payor’s taxable income […]

How To Tell Your Spouse That You Want A Divorce

You’ve decided to end your marriage.  You might put off telling your spouse until the “right” time.  Unfortunately, there is never a good time.  It is simply a very difficult – even painful – thing to do. Perhaps you have children and think it might make sense to stick it out until they’re older.  And […]

3 Simple actions to Take Now to Protect Your Retirement Assets in a New Jersey Divorce

If you’re considering divorce or already started the divorce process, you might be concerned about losing any portion of your hard-earned retirement assets. These can include traditional pensions, IRAs, Roth IRAs, Keogh plans, deferred compensation plans, stock options (ESOPS), annuities, and 401(k), 403(k), 457 and 403(b) plans. In New Jersey, all assets that were acquired […]

5 Steps For Calculating New Jersey Child Support For Children In College

In New Jersey, divorcing parents have an obligation to financially support their children until emancipation, that is, when the child completes a continuous four-year undergraduate education up until when the child reaches 23 years of age. Divorcing parents also have a separate, though related, obligation in New Jersey to contribute to the cost of college for their […]