6 Concrete Ways That Our Clients Can Now Experience a Revolutionized Approach to Divorce in New Jersey

  In practicing divorce and family law for over 18 years now, I’ve seen more and more the need for a new approach to truly help clients.  Having experienced my own parents’ bitter divorce at 13 years old and thereafter surviving several abusive relationships, working with so many people over the years through such a […]

Common Roadblocks to Success and How to Remove Them

Perhaps you want to end a toxic marriage or relationship.  Or you want a closer relationship with your children.  There are common roadblocks that often block the path to success in virtually anything you want to achieve. Most of us carry around a variety of self-defeating core beliefs about ourselves.  Most often, we’re are completely […]

What Most People Don’t Know About Filing For Divorce in New Jersey

It’s a common belief that in order to obtain a divorce in New Jersey, one spouse must first “file for divorce.”  There appears to very information available, however, as to what “filing for divorce” means and what it involves. Generally, the filing of the divorce complaint with the court establishes the “cut-off date” of the […]

The 4 Top DON’TS If You Want An Amicable Divorce

You’ve decided you want a divorce.  Perhaps you’ve felt trapped for a long time.  You might ache to be free from the never-ending loneliness and sense of hopelessness – even helplessness – that seems to pervade your every waking moment. You might start to feel a sense of excitement of really living for the first […]

9 Common Misconceptions About Divorce and 5 Powerful Actions to Take Right Now

Divorce is probably one of the most anxiety producing events that you can experience in your lifetime. After all, the only people who really know about the divorce process are lawyers and people who have gone through it.  And from those who went through it, it’s the worst experiences that have the loudest voices.  You […]

Small Business and Divorce: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

If you own a small business, before you divorce, you need to know how your income would likely be determined.  Here, you’ll learn how and why and how you can save on legal fees in the process. Alimony and child support are often issues to be resolved in divorce.  For instance, a business owner spouse […]

The Top 3 Causes of Hefty Legal Fees In Divorce And How To Avoid Them

Perhaps you’ve heard “horror stories” of divorce from friends and relatives about court cases that went on for years with legal fees into the tens of thousands – and perhaps more. You might mentally try to calculate how much you’re sure you’ll lose if you go ahead with a divorce. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the […]

4 Secrets of Successful Negotiations That Everyone Should Know

Very often, negotiations are conducted with an expectation that one party will “win” and the other will “lose.”  At other times, parties focus their energies on trying to give up as little as possible. Neither approach is productive and most often results in an impasse, where the parties are unable to make progress. Here are […]

4 Powerful Tips for Dealing With Difficult People to Maintain Your Sanity

It’s hard enough going through your own personal crisis and processing the emotions that go along with it.  But what do you do when difficult people stand in your way? Perhaps a close friend or relative constantly criticizes you and points out what he or she thinks you should do.    Or you might have […]

5 Empowering Actions to Take Right Now to Save Time and Money in Divorce

You might be reluctant to initiate the divorce process or a necessary change to your divorce agreement where circumstances have changed. You might not know who to call or where to find information.  It can be even more frustrating when you want to keep such details of your personal life private.  You might also be […]