Five Insider Tips for an Amicable Divorce Five Insider Tips for an Amicable Divorce Five Insider Tips for an Amicable Divorce Michele Hart Law

Date: January 8, 2019 | Author: Michele Hart

As a practicing divorce and family lawyer for over 20 years, I’ve seen how easy it is for divorcing spouses to get caught up in the emotional conflict that often comes with divorce.

When you have children, it’s important to keep in mind that you and your spouse will be connected for the rest of your lives through your children.

And the best way to preserve a future co-parenting relationship is to divorce amicably.

Below are 5 insider tips for an amicable divorce:

1.          Get your spouse on board with staying out of court. 

The best way to reduce acrimony and divorce amicably is to stay out of court.  The New Jersey family court process is designed to pit spouses against each other as adversaries.  If you can get your spouse’s commitment to avoid court, you can significantly increase the chances of an amicable divorce.

2.          Hire a settlement oriented family lawyer. 

There are plenty of divorce lawyers who thrive on turning your divorce into a never-ending battlefield.

Instead, seek out and hire a knowledgeable and reasonable family lawyer committed to minimizing conflict in your divorce.

3.          Change the way you communicate with your spouse. 

When your spouse hasn’t yet accepted the idea of divorce, be sensitive to that.  Go out of your way to make sure your spouse feels heard and respected.  This can reduce the chances of your spouse hiring an aggressive litigious lawyer, which can lead to a protracted and acrimonious divorce with hefty legal fees.

Clearly convey to your spouse you are committed to remaining respectful throughout the divorce process and to reaching an agreement that works for both of you.

4.         Keep the focus on the kids.

Minimizing conflict between you and your spouse will greatly benefit your children.  Keep in mind how each action and decision you make will affect them.

5.          Maintain realistic expectations.

Consult with a lawyer who practices exclusively or primarily in divorce and family law so you know what outcome you can reasonably expect in your divorce.

By remaining respectful and compassionate towards yourself and your spouse, and keeping your kids front and center, you can open up the way to an amicable divorce.

For more information or to find out how to reach an amicable divorce settlement, click here to schedule a personalized consultation.


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