Three Actions to Take Right Now for an Amicable Divorce Three Actions to Take Right Now for an Amicable Divorce Three Actions to Take Right Now for an Amicable Divorce Michele Hart Law

Date: August 3, 2018 | Author: Michele Hart

If you’re considering divorce, here are 3 actions to take right now for an amicable divorce process.

1. Gather key documents about your marital finances.

Knowing what you have will give you a head start on a plan for dividing marital assets.  Here is a checklist of significant divorce documents.

2. Consult with one or more competent family law attorneys to find out what to expect.

Resist all temptation to ask others or search online for answers. Your particular circumstances are unique and will determine the outcome in your divorce.

By consulting with a competent New Jersey divorce and family lawyer, you can learn the best strategy and outcomes you can expect in your divorce.

For instance, make sure to find out:

• How much alimony and child support you might expect to pay or receive;
• Whether inherited or gifted assets would likely be divided with your spouse;
• If you own or operate a business, how is it likely to be valued and distributed to your spouse; and
• How retirement assets would likely be divided.

3. Get your Spouse on board with an amicable divorce.

Divorce is a highly emotional process. If you’ve decided to end your marriage, there is never a good time to tell your spouse. Chances are your spouse is farther behind emotionally than you and might not accept that divorce will happen.

Therefore, it’s essential to be sensitive to your spouse’s needs. Otherwise, your spouse could very well hire a litigious lawyer, increasing the likelihood of a protracted acrimonious divorce and hefty legal fees.
Therefore, avoid blaming your spouse for the divorce. Instead, you might start with “I think you’d agree that we’re making each other miserable. I’m concerned if we keep going this way we’ll end up hating each other. Our kids deserve better.”

Clearly convey to your spouse that you are committed to remaining respectful throughout this process and to reaching an agreement that works for both of you.  Avoid becoming reactive or defensive.  Do not try to convince your spouse that divorce is the best option.  Remain firm while being compassionate.

Divorcing spouses often prefer to minimize adverse financial and emotional consequences.  By remaining respectful and compassionate towards yourself and your spouse, an amicable divorce is possible.

Please call or click here to schedule a personalized consultation to find out the best way to resolve your divorce or family legal matter.

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