Need Strength?  Tap the Power of Community Need Strength? Tap the Power of Community Need Strength? Tap the Power of Community Michele Hart Law

Date: August 18, 2013 | Author: Michele Hart

When facing an extremely stressful life-changing event like divorce, it’s common to feel scared and isolated. You might ask yourself how you can hold on to the strength to keep going each day.

Community is the glue that can help you hold it together.

What is a community – the kind that can provide strength, support, courage and companionship?

It’s where each member shares a vulnerability and our own problems don’t seem so big. Community helps us connect and feel compassion. It provides a sense of belonging where we can become motivated out a sense of “we” as opposed to “I”.

To find such a community, discover what your passion is, or simply what interests you – and find others that share those interests. Consider joining a support group for those going through divorce or negotiating the world of co-parenting.

The benefits can be immeasurable. For example, members of 12-step groups have found that the power of these groups has given them the strength to overcome long-held addictions. By the same token, a community of support can give you the strength to not only go on, but to build a new and healthy life for yourself and your children.