Why Collaborative Divorce Should Be Your First Choice

Why Collaborative Divorce Should Be Your First ChoicePeople who have gone through a divorce know that it can be a painful and expensive process. There is never a clear winner in divorce and often both parties involved can feel as if they have “lost” the battle. 

In New Jersey, litigated divorce can be stressful. It makes sense that people are looking for alternatives to long, drawn-out and expensive litigated divorce proceedings where the parties lose control over the end result. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

For those seeking a different approach to the process, collaborative divorce may be the answer. The collaborative divorce process in New Jersey is relatively new, but it can reduce stress and be substantially less expensive than a litigated divorce.

Why Choose Collaborative Divorce? 

Usually, when initial divorce proceedings seem to be stalling out or one spouse feels like they aren’t getting what they want, the idea of going to court comes up. While this process may be beneficial in some instances, this route is not necessary for everyone.

When a divorce case goes to court, there’s the potential for both parties to face a long, expensive process. It is also important to remember that with a litigated divorce, in the end, your fate is left in the hands of a judge. In most cases, when divorce cases go to court neither party comes out feeling like they won.

Collaborative divorce gives you and your spouse a chance to control your own destiny by working together to find solutions that work for both of you and provide a much healthier experience for your children.

The Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a better choice for not only you, but also your spouse and your children. The collaborative divorce process works by utilizing your lawyers, along with a team of professionals as needed that will help you and your spouse come to a resolution while maintaining a lower stress and more communicative environment.

With a collaborative divorce, your input matters. This type of process allows both you and your spouse the opportunity to determine which issues are important to you and helps you come to a resolution designed to meet your needs, interests, and goals.

You Are in Control

You’ll also feel more in control of the outcome of your divorce with collaborative process than with litigation. Unlike traditional litigated divorces, final decisions are up to you and your spouse, not a judge.

Collaborative divorce can also save you both time and money. With the pace of your divorce proceedings entirely up to you and your spouse, you can reach an agreement on your own timetable, rather than that of the court.

Finding the Best Result For Your Kids

When children are involved in a divorce, it is best to try to reduce the confrontation and stress that accompanies the process. With the help of professional involvement from a child specialist on your collaborative team, you can get the help you need to stay focused on reaching the best solution for your children. 

Having a collaborative team that is working with you and your spouse toward reaching a goal that makes co-parenting easier and equally benefits both parties is truly comforting and empowering.

Making the Best Decision for Your Future

If your marriage must end, you might prefer a divorce process that preserves relationships with your co-parent while meeting your own needs and goals for the future. Collaborative divorce is an alternative that not only saves you time and money but can also help give you peace of mind for the future.

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