Why Collaborative Divorce Is Good For Your Kids


Why Collaborative Divorce Is Good For Your KidsAs a parent, you do your best to shield your child from the unpleasant things in life. Although you may not always succeed, when it comes to your personal conflicts with each other, it is best to leave the children out of it. This is never truer than during the divorce process. Unfortunately, during a divorce, the kids are all too often brought right into the middle of the conflict. Depending on your individual set of circumstances and the ages of your children, a messy divorce can leave long-lasting negative effects on your children.

Collaborative Divorce is a Better Option for Your Family

In a collaborative divorce, there is a greater emphasis on limiting the amount of impact the divorce process will have on your children. With the help of your attorneys and a team that may include a child specialist and divorce coach, you can create an environment that allows you and your spouse to keep your children’s experience with the divorce process the best that it can be.

How Does Divorce Affect Children?

Divorce is not only a massive change for you and your spouse but also for everyone close to you, especially your children. When kids witness the loss of love between their parents, a breaking up of their home life and the regular absence of one parent, they’re left with a new set of challenges to work through. In some instances, this is the first time a child will have to deal with a life-changing event, which can be a very confusing and difficult time.

For adolescents, who are already becoming more independent, divorce can lead to a greater feeling of separation and instability. It is important to remember during this time that your young children and teens may be acting out to get attention and could greatly benefit from seeing a therapist to help them work through their feelings.

How Can Collaborative Divorce Benefit Your Children?

In traditional divorce proceedings, when both parties cannot come to an agreement in a timely manner the case will likely be brought to court. The litigated divorce process can be very expensive and usually takes a great deal of time before any ruling is given by a judge. With a longer divorce process, your kids will be suffering right alongside you. It is in everyone’s best interest for you and your spouse to do your best and come to an agreement early on, with the help of your collaborative divorce team.

In many cases, collaborative divorce can also be a much faster and less expensive process. With the help of your attorney and collaborative team professionals, you are more likely to come to a resolution that works for both spouses sooner than if you head to court. This process also allows for you and your spouse to make the final decisions about custody and parenting time and division of your assets instead of leaving those important decisions to a judge.

Make the Right Choice for Your Children

Unlike a traditional divorce that may go on to litigation, collaborative divorce is a kinder, healthier and smarter way to end a marriage. When you and your spouse choose to work together with the help of your respective attorneys and your professional collaborative team, , you are creating a safe place to come to an agreement on your separate futures. Collaborative divorce also gives you an opportunity to work on your co-parenting skills and teaches you and your spouse how to better communicate after your divorce is final.

When you have children, your spouse will remain in your life.  . For most people, it is better to try and find a way to work together amicably in the best interest of their kids. Your divorce coach can help you learn to communicate better and reduce conflicts, helping you successfully un-couple and become loving co-parents to your children.

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