Are you put off by divorce lawyers who promote conflict and stir up hostility while racking up hefty hourly fees?

Fortunately there is a better way.

When you experience the unexpected loss of a marriage or are thinking about ending a marriage because you feel it is unhealthy, it can feel like a rug has suddenly been pulled out from under your feet.  At the same time, it can feel overwhelming if you don’t know where to look for answers to the steady stream of questions whirling around in your mind.

The approach I offer is intended to reduce conflict in a way that is cost-effective because we focus on creating lasting results that are designed to meet your most important needs, interests, and goals.

Therefore, when I represent you, you are likely to learn new things about yourself and feel more connected to what matters most to you. This will lead to a greater sense of control and peace of mind.

Let’s face it – divorce is about dissolving the “business” of marriage.  Yet it’s not all business.  We need to address the emotional aspects of the divorce process, as well as the legal and financial aspects, to create lasting solutions.

Every challenge is an opportunity to grow.  That’s why I offer you the “opportunity” to learn how to effectively negotiate and communicate your needs and interests to maximize success in resolving your divorce.  After all, at the heart of virtually every conflict is some form of deficient communication.

In addition to negotiating and advocating on your behalf, I coach you in building creative problem-solving skills to expand your options according to what matters most to you.  For instance, if your goal is to be financially secure, we identify resources to discover how much alimony you can afford or need or how to best leverage available tax benefits, maximize short term cash flow, or save for retirement.

Together we will create solutions about where your children will live, how much child support and parenting time you will have, how you will decide to pay for your children’s college expenses, and how much alimony you will pay or receive.

At the same time, I leverage my own skills in communication, negotiation, and creative problem-solving to maximize the successful achievement of a comprehensive divorce agreement that works for you.

It’s important to remember that the outcome of your divorce can affect your relationships with your children and former spouse for years to come. The smoother the divorce process, the better chance you have of maintaining healthy and satisfying relationships in the future.

There is always a solution – we just have to work together to find the one that’s best for you.

In the meantime, you can be assured that your case will be reviewed regularly to ensure that we are doing whatever is necessary promptly and efficiently. You will also be educated at each and every stage of your case so that you have the information and resources to make the decision that is most right for you.


Let’s discuss your personalized strategy.

In your initial consultation, we’ll strategize and determine which route is best for you and create a customized plan. We will talk about your needs, goals, issues and options. At that time, I could give you a better idea of what the costs and fees might ultimately be, depending on which divorce process (such as mediation, litigation, or collaborative divorce) and strategy is best for you.

I encourage you to take that step to find out the answers to all of your questions. Here, knowledge really is power. Once you seize that knowledge – and control – you will feel a sense of relief even just knowing you have a game plan.

Please contact me immediately to schedule a consultation and we will form a game plan together.