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SharpHeels – In Conversation With: Michele Hart

I met practicing divorce and family lawyer, Michele Hart in the fall of 2014 when she reached out to me to be the keynote speaker for the Women in Business luncheon at the Morris County Chamber of Commerce…Read More

What Really Happens in Divorce: Myth Vs Reality

It’s common to feel afraid to get a divorce when there is so much information out there that is, well, just plain scary. It’s like getting to the edge of a cliff and being afraid to jump off. Fortunately, most, if not all of this “information” is simply not true…Read More

7 Practical Tips on Co-Parenting Your Child With Your Ex

Even though your romantic relationship with your ex has ended, the fact is that your relationship as co-parents of your children will remain. Therefore, now is the time to work together to develop an effective co-parenting plan that works for both of you and is unique to your children’s best interests. An effective co-parenting plan can very well keep you out of court and place the responsibility for caring for your children with you and your ex rather than with a judge…Read More

Being a Bully Can Cost You More Than Money

When we think of bullying behavior, we might picture children calling each other names on a playground or in school. Bullying is more widespread than that, however, both among children and adults. When going through a divorce, you might be tempted to bully your soon-to-be ex to make him or her “pay” for hurting you….Read More

4 Ways to Make Your Voice Heard During the Divorce or Custody Process

When you are going through a divorce or facing a custody or parenting time dispute with your spouse, you should be sure and make your voice be heard so that a meaningful result can be achieved. This is different than arguing back and forth with your spouse so that neither one of you is hearing the other or understanding where the other is coming from. Keep in mind the following regardless of whether your case has yet been formally initiated in court:…Read More

5 Actions To Take Right Now When Planning for Divorce

When you experience the unexpected loss of a marriage or are thinking about ending a marriage, it can feel like all of a sudden you’ve been blindsided and the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. At the same time, it can feel overwhelming and scary if you don’t know where to look for answers to the steady stream of questions whirling around in your mind. You can, however, face and overcome your fears by taking these 5 steps right now:…Read More

3 Simple Ways to Connect With Your Child During Divorce

As busy parents, it’s easy to become disconnected from our children’s day-to-day activities and what is going on in their emotional lives. Daily interactions with our children can often be reduced to coordinating schedules and school work, and finding out where and when they need to be so we can plan our own schedules. When you are in the midst of divorcing your spouse, however, it can be that much more challenging to connect with your child on a personal and emotional level…Read More

Valuable Life Lessons From Hurricane Sandy

In the midst of what is being called one of the devastating events in history, unexpected opportunities to connect with loved ones and help those in need can be seen all around us. From the moment the monumental storm ripped through our area on Monday night, we saw that there really is a powerful force out there that is much larger than ourselves. As my children and I sat in our home Monday evening with our eyes glued to the news on television as we listened to the wind howling through the trees, I had the vivid realization that…Read More

Top 5 Ways to Take Control When You Are Worried About How Divorce Could Affect Your Child

If you are thinking about divorce or are in the midst of a divorce and are worried about how the divorce might affect your children, you can take action now to help ease the transition for them. The term “divorce” is simply a legal term for dissolving the marriage. What tends to negatively affect your child’s emotional well-being is actually the amount of conflict and hostility present in the household before and during a divorce…Read More

5 Ways to Help You Get What You Want in Your Divorce

Ideally, you should be able to get what you want in your divorce, right? It’s a common belief, however, that you need a judge to decide how much alimony or child support you will pay or when you will spend time with your children. What you might not realize is that there are particular things you can do during the divorce process to increase your chances that you will ultimately achieve what matters most to you…Read More

Discover Who You Are When Your Marriage or Long-Term Relationship Ends

Many times when you’re involved in a long-term relationship, particularly one that’s unhealthy, it’s easy to lose touch with who you are and the things that you’re good at and enjoy. Unfortunately, I know this all too well from personal experience. You can become so overly focused on your significant other that you end up neglecting your own needs…Read More

8 Easy Ways to Increase Your Persuasiveness When Negotiating

We are often trying to persuade or influence someone in our professional and personal lives. Here I focus specifically on negotiating – whether you are buying a car or negotiating a business transaction. The truth is, people are more likely to give you what you want when they like and trust you…Read More

You Have More Control Than You Think When You Choose Collaborative Divorce

When you are facing the possibility of divorce, it is important for you to see that you are not a powerless victim. You don’t need to worry about your future. You can simply create your future by choosing the collaborative divorce process where you put together a powerful team of experts to put you in control of the outcome…Read More

10 Practical Ways to Protect Yourself After Divorce

It’s finally over. You went to court and the judge signed your Judgment of Divorce. In most cases, your divorce agreement – the final product of lengthy ongoing negotiations – is annexed to your Judgment of Divorce and becomes a binding Order…Read More

8 Ways to Minimize Legal Fees in Your Divorce

It is true that divorce can be a costly process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are 8 simple ways that you can take an active part in reducing your legal fees…Read More

Instead of Reacting, Stand For Yourself to Meet Your Needs During Divorce

Whenever we react to someone or something, we can often spend alot of negative energy arguing, defending, explaining, or convincing. Instead, wouldn’t it be far more satisfying to put that energy into standing for ourselves and our own needs?…Read More

8 Powerful Ways to Increase Your Child’s Self Esteem and Ability to Fend Off Bullies

The best time to take charge of bullying behavior is before it happens to your child, not after. Recognize that the higher your child’s self esteem, the less likely that he or she will be a target of bullying behavior…Read More