Divorce Legal Representation

The approach I offer is intended to reduce conflict in a way that is cost-effective because we focus on creating lasting results that are designed to meet your most important needs, interests, and goals.

Perhaps you wonder, as many often do, how much the legal fees will cost.  

That’s why I’ve designed the way I work very different from how I’ve found most lawyers work and charge for their services.

The services offered are uniquely customized so that clients need not go “all in” on a large retainer from the beginning.

At our initial meeting, you will learn about opportunities to create financial value both now and for your future.  

For instance, it might be beneficial to engage your spouse in the process in a way that creates value and investment in the future for both of you, and very importantly, for your children.

Let’s face it – divorce is about dissolving the “business” of marriage. Yet it’s not all business. We need to address the emotional aspects of the divorce process, as well as the legal and financial aspects, to create lasting solutions.

At the same time, you will have the benefit of my skills in communication, negotiation, and creative problem-solving to maximize achievement of a comprehensive divorce agreement that works for you.