5 Keys To Minimizing The Risk Of Divorce

5 keys to minimizing the risk of divorce

If life teaches us anything it is that disaster can appear around any corner. So we take precaution in every way that we can.  We purchase automobile, life, and home insurance and wear our seatbelts in case of an accident. We save for a rainy day. Why, then, do we not think about taking the same preventative measures when it comes to our marriages?

Whether your marriage is in excellent shape or you are experiencing significant difficulties, you can always do more to make your relationship more secure. Here are five rules to follow in order to help ensure a happy and long lasting committed relationship and to ward off the tragic circumstances that lead to divorce.

  1. Work on your communication skills.

Along with money and infidelity issues, a lack of effective communication ranks among the most common reasons for divorce in America today. Even couples with exceptional communication skills will experience misunderstandings from time to time. Disagreements are inevitable, but as responsible adults, we can choose how we approach those disagreements. Learn how to best resolve conflicts peacefully and amicably.

  1. Treat your spouse as if he or she were the most important person in the world.

Your husband or wife should be your first priority. Treat them accordingly. Mutual respect is absolutely critical to any successful relationship and the demonstration of that respect inevitably fosters trust. Unconstructive criticism, belittling, and name-calling have no place in a healthy relationship. Focus on treating each other respectfully, speaking openly and honestly, and complimenting each other from the heart. Physical acts of tenderness can ring hollow if they are not reinforced by words of support, devotion, and encouragement. If you do not know how to sincerely and passionately pay your spouse a compliment, seek the help necessary to learn this essential relationship-building skill.

  1. Be affectionate on a daily basis.

This one is simple. Hold hands, kiss, and hug. The importance of physical acts of affection cannot be underestimated. Of course, it is particularly important to maintain a healthy sex life. This can be true for couples of all ages. As important as hugs, kisses, and regular expressions of endearment, a healthy sex life is often the determining factor that separates a successful marriage from one that ends in divorce. Keep the spark alive in the bedroom by responding to your spouse’s wants and needs and keeping the lines of sexual communication open.

  1. Keep your marriage sacred.

Even outside and beyond any specific religious context, the bond between husband and wife is a sacred, precious, and privileged one. Of course, acts of infidelity are typically devastating to any marriage, but smaller issues can also cause great harm. Refrain from discussing the private aspects of your marriage with others. The temptation to air your dirty laundry may be great, but venting to others (family members in particular) will usually cause more complications than they solve.

  1. Share your life with your spouse, but make yourself a priority too.

Find common interests with your spouse and share fun activities. The family that plays together stays together. A relationship that revolves solely around obligations and work will soon grow stale. Make sure to share laughs as well as responsibilities. However, it is also important to attend to your needs as an individual. In order to care for someone else properly, you must first learn to care for yourself. Be sure to give yourself a healthy amount of “me time” and do whatever else it takes to sustain your own physical, mental and emotional well being. Healthy marriages begin with healthy individuals.
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